EarthModel Builder

EarthModel®Builder improves efficiency, accuracy and flexibility for more realistic representations of your reservoir. This dynamic software provides a unique way for asset teams and service companies to generate multiple first-pass reservoir models containing rock properties so you can optimize field development and well planning processes.

Quick and Affordable Reservoir Models

EarthModel FT Cross Section 3D model cross section of distributed facies with a deviated well displaying discrete and continuous logs.

EarthModelBuilder's user-friendly interface, dynamic capabilities and quality controls help you create models more quickly and move projects forward. Extensive quality controls help ensure a greater level of accuracy in both conventional and unconventional geological settings.

Integration with PowerLog offers well log analysis and computed well log curves for even more insight. Petrophysicists and geologists can calculate multiple curves and run a variety of modeling scenarios to better understand the reservoir.

Asset teams and service companies can also use EarthModelBuilder to supplement and leverage their current modeling solutions for which they may hold a limited number of licenses. After quality checking and building quick models to assess the information, you can opt to move those models into your existing technology for enhanced reservoir characterization.

With EarthModelBuilder, all stakeholders in geological plays are now able to build the most up-to-date rock property models. This new software offers an affordable, exciting and dynamic environment where you can craft a useful model that accommodates future information from the field as it becomes available.

Enhance efficiency

EarthModel FT Builder Histogram The views allow you to quality check the data that will be represented in the model. These can be combined together into a single view of many plots at once.

Create a quick first-pass model to assess and quality control your information quickly and move models forward within your reservoir characterization workflow.

Reduce cycle Time

Updateability lets you quickly update the model without searching for tasks initially used to construct the model.

Reduce Risk

Create multiple first pass models to assess reservoir volumes in a full 3D modeling scenario so you can better understand the reservoir and use quality controls for a more rigorous study.

Key Features

  • Powerful mapping and volumetric calculations
  • Links directly with PowerLog to access well and log data along with all the features of petrophysics
  • UpdateAbility provides automatic rapid updates when data has changed or is added to a modeling project
  • Tools to exchange data and models for reservoir characterization within Jason or to external software modeling packages
  • Industry-standard nomenclature in an updated user interface
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EarthModel FT

Superior reservoir modeling capabilities. Rapidly build and update geological models. Incorporate all field data and connect to flow simulation.
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