Machine Learning

Solve your toughest petrophysical challenges with machine learning and deep learning techniques:

  • Facies classification, supervised and unsupervised
  • Unbalanced sampling algorithms to eliminate bias
  • Data loading, analysis, and migration

Machine learning enables clearer reservoir understanding and faster, more efficient data analysis so you can:

  • Predict curves based on existing log data
  • Correlate core analysis to log data
  • Model complex porosity permeability relationships

Facies Classification


Run unsupervised facies classification machine learning algorithms utilizing a workflow that:

  • Includes sub-facies clustering and data analysis for choosing an optimum number of clusters
  • Can access all data in the database for selected project and wells
  • Generates the facies and produces a series of analytical plots for assigning the unsupervised facies
  • Enables geoscientists to generate high-quality facies logs on multiple wells simultaneously

Generate Missing Curves (Delta T Shear)


Predict missing curves using a CGG-provided deep learning workflow that you can easily adapt for your specific needs. In addition, Python-knowledgeable interpreters can build custom deep learning workflows. Shear Velocity is often required for seismic modeling, and accurate modeling of missing Delta T Shear curves is a critical part of the process.

Perform machine and deep learning using GeoSoftware's PowerLog Python Extensions solution to solve your toughest petrophysical challenges. Download the Machine Learning for Petrophysics flyer.

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