FaciesID reconstructs your input logs so you can overlay them to see how well you are covering the profiles in your log space, and you can write the block logs to the database when needed. That comes in handy when you classify electrofacies on wells with different logging suite compositions. A missing sonic log in one well, for example, can be constructed as a block log when FaciesID performs its classification.

Fast, Interactive, User-Friendly Facies Classification

Use facies curves to understand depositional environments, correlate logs, and generate management displays. Sand, shale, and silt facies logs are essential to engineers in constructing 3D reservoir models.Once you have created the classifications you want, you can apply them to any number of zones and wells in your project.

Facies ID Classification

Editing your seed points and classifications is a snap with FaciesID. You can move seed points on either logplots or crossplot just by dragging them to new locations. And you can change electrofacies classifications at will by simply selecting new categories from a drop-down list.

FaciesID reporting includes indexes that tell you how dispersed and ambiguous are your electrofacies clusters. The reports tell you when you can really distinguish electrofacies classes from the logs.

"FaciesID makes it easy to generate facies logs in sand shale sequences or complex carbonates."

Facies Classfication Features

FaciesID is the most user-friendly electrofacies classification tool on the market.

  • Fast and interactive
  • Generates block curves of input data
  • Creates dispersion statistics and confusion matrices to evaluate quality
  • Easily editable and selectable category tables for display purposes
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