Python Extensions

Don’t be held hostage by software with a proprietary embedded python implementation. PowerLog Python Extensions is the most open and flexible python implementation available in the industry. Now you can take advantage of hundreds of scientific calculation and plotting packages available in Python.

Python extensions are plug-in based architecture that lets you write customized viewers, processors and consoles, and these extensions run from PowerLog with direct read/write access to the PowerLog data model and auto-generate interactive GUIs for running the Python scripts. Connect to any open-source distribution of Python and perform in-house advanced processing to save your company time and dollars.

Python Extension Viewers

Run viewer extensions from GUI’s that look and feel exactly like PowerLog modules. Interactively created using GUI interfaces that are easy to build and run. Examples shown are a 3D Viewer for deviated wellbores using Plotly, and standard Python plotting utility.

Python_Extension_Viewers_1_250 Python_Extension_Viewers_2_400

Python Extension Processors

The Python Extension Processors are easily created and executed using the same interactive GUI as the viewers. Examples shown are of a simple rock physics calculation generating a bulk and shear modulus. The PowerLog Crossplot shows the value of Bulk Modulus when plotted versus volume of shale, and demonstrates the nature of the Python PowerLog interactivity.

P)ython_Extension_Processors_1_400 P)ython_Extension_Processors_2_275

Python Extension Consoles

The flexibility of PowerLog Python Extensions makes it the premier tool for data exchange. Users can build console utilities for loading data, transferring data, reformatting data, and a host of other functions. The example shown is a utility for extracting a sheet from a large group of excel files and concatenating that specific sheet into a new file. Loading the fourth sheet in an excel file is often an imposing problem. PowerLog Python Extensions tackles this problem with a simple script.



These examples only scratch the surface of available capabilities of PowerLog Python Extensions. You can write Processor extensions for NMR processing, full waveform sonic anisotropy calculation, sophisticated water saturation equations – and much more. With Python Extensions, CGG GeoSoftware has brought unrivaled technology to PowerLog users.

PowerLog Python Extensions enables users to perform perform Machine Learning to solve your toughest petrophysical challenges. Learn more about our Machine and Deep Learning capabilities within Python Extensions.

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