StatMin makes it easy to work with data that includes complex and varied minerals. It uses a probabilistic model to calculate lithology, mineralogy, and/or porosity and can easily adapt to the needs of the analyst. While PowerLog handles typical curves, StatMin handles any well log or computed curve that responds to lithology/mineralogy.

Calculate Lithology, Mineralogy, Porosity and Fluids

Determine fluids and mineral volumes using StatMin for stochastic analysis. StatMin uses statistical methods to analyze difficult formations for petrophysical parameters including porosity, water saturation and quartz content.


StatMin is based on a technique first presented at the 1988 Society of Professional Well Log Analysts Symposium and later reprinted in the June 1991 edition of World Oil in an article entitled "A Practical Approach to Statistical Log Analysis" by William K. Mitchell and Richard J. Nelson. Mr. Mitchell was instrumental in StatMin's development and continues to assist us with support.

StatMin solves balanced, over-determined, and under-determined models:

  • Over-determined models—More logs than necessary are used to calculate the mineral volumes. In this case StatMin will compute the answer that best fits all the logs by using the Maximum Likelihood Estimate of the mineral fractions.
  • Under-determined models—This is the more common case, where not enough logs are available to compute all the mineral fractions at one time. StatMin provides the following techniques to address this problem:
    • Sequential Models (Prior Matrix)
    • Alternate Minerals
    • Alternate Matrix
    • Computed Data Input

StatMin uses linear response equations, which compute much faster than non-linear models. Non-linear solutions can be achieved through the use of computed curve inputs. For example, you can input SPHI (Hunt-Raymer) rather than DT. In addition to the computation of porosity and mineralogy, StatMin will output the reconstructed versions of all the input curves.


Key Statistical Mineralogy Software Features

  • Linear response equations for fast results
  • Sequential models
  • User defined minerals
  • Alternate matrix for complex solutions
  • Solve for up to 25 minerals and fluids
  • Access to common data model for curves and zones
  • Handles multiple wells simultaneously
  • Water saturation computations also determined
  • Multiple iterations for convergent solutions
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