Batch Processing

Batch Processing makes use of computing power outside of normal working hours and increases efficiency by scheduling large jobs to run in the evenings or weekends.

Why Use Batch Processing?

  • Schedule processes to run after hours.
  • Run a process in the background while working in the same or in different projects in Geoview. Note that you will need more than one Geoview license to do this.
  • Record job duration and the start and end times.
  • The batch processes will run on your computer, not on a network.
  • It requires no interaction while running. A Geoview license will be required, however.
  • It has its own memory space so it can handle large data volumes.

Use the Batch Launch dialog to set when jobs should run, either at a set time and date or after another job is done. Use the Batch Controller to change job schedules.

Batch Processing Image1 Batch Processing Image 2
  • Batch jobs can be placed in workflows, set to run after one specified process and up until another process is done.
  • When doing this, you can select to save outputs from different steps under different names. You can customize the way batch processes are handled and displayed.

You can customize the way batch processes are handled and displayed.

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