Jason DepthMod

Velocity calibration and time-to-depth conversion

Jason® DepthMod  provides functionality for calibrating velocity models and to convert for converting time data (inversions) to depth, which ties well tops. Part of the Jason® Workbench, DepthMod can calibrate velocity functions for use in re-depthing – ensuring that depth volumes provided by clients tie wells. Designed for engineers and quantitative interpretation teams who must plan wells in depth, DepthMod can obtain accurate reserve estimates and well planning in depth.

Facilitate time-to-depth (TD) conversion in reservoir characterization projects

The purpose of the Jason DepthMod application is to calibrate velocity models to well tops in depth and to perform time-to-depth conversion:

  • Interactive velocity calibration and correction
  • Time-to-depth conversion
  • Create a TD relation and assign it to selected data files. The assigned TD relation can then be used to view the files in Jason Viewers in both time and depth. It also facilitates depth inversions by admitting depth inputs to selected Jason applications

The DepthMod workflow is designed to handle all the circumstances which might arise in the completion of reservoir characterization projects.

  • No wells available, horizons only
  • No wells available, horizons and seismic velocities only
  • Horizons and wells available
  • Horizons, wells, and seismic velocities available

The Jason Advantage

Complex, fully 3D models incorporating lateral velocity changes and faults can be used to effect accurate time-to-depth conversions about user-defined time and depth datums.

To learn more about this  innovative tool within the Jason Workbench, go to our Free Software Evaluation Form to test drive DepthMod, or   Email us to learn more.

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