Prepare, create, or transform your well log data to be used as input into other petrophysical and modeling software. Log Editing is fundamental to well data analysis and an integral to the success of all projects requiring log data.

Log Editing

Following a check shot correction, a manual log correction can be performed to optimize the well-to-seismic correlation in time. This correction ties each individual well to the seismic by a comparing its synthetic seismogram to a composite seismic trace extracted along the well bore. Manual corrections are made with mouse clicks on corresponding key markers on both the synthetic and the seismic, initiating a stretch-and-squeeze operation whose parameters and effect on the time-depth relationship you define.

Shear Log Estimation

Shear log estimation algorithms include:

  • Castagna. A linear relationship between Vp and Vs is determined by ARCO’s original mudrock line equation.
  • Greenberg-Castagna. Vs is estimated by iterative calculations using different regression coefficients for each mineral constituent.
  • Xu-White. This method is applicable to sand-shale mixtures and requires you to supply a pore aspect ratio.
  • Gregory Method. This method requires you to supply a Poisson’s ratio value.

Fluid Replacement Modeling

Use the Biot-Gassmann approach to model logs with varying fluid types and saturations in order to predict a seismic response in the reservoir. The predicted petrophysical parameters are density and moduli of the matrix, hydrocarbons, and brine. The Batzle-Wang fluid properties take into account parameters such as pressure, temperature, and GOR while modeling various matrix properties from precise mineralogy specifications. Use matrix averaging techniques for the proper representation of different types of reservoirs.

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