Multi-CPU Support Option

Jason offers MCPU-Deterministic to reduce compute time for InverTrace®Plus and RockTrace® jobs.

Using MCPU, you can spread the processing load across as many as 64 CPUs, significantly speeding the time to job completion.


Multi-CPU Benefits

  • Faster turnaround time—jobs complete in days rather than weeks, and no manual separation and merging of data is required.
  • Better quality control—time saved in computing can be invested in additional wavelet analysis, spatial QC, and low frequency testing.
  • More stacks analyzed—studies show that including more stacks improves results, and with the efficient processing enabled by MCPU it is practical to test all combinations of volumes.

MCPU-Deterministic is licensed based on the number of CPUs that can be enabled to work on the project (2,4,8,16,32,48,64). The processing can be done on a single multiprocessor machine, or can be spread out among available computers on the network at the facility where the MCPU option is licensed.

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