This key product prepares and manages seismic data for use in seismic inversion, AVO analysis, reservoir characterization and visualization. Seismic editing is fundamental to the successful outcome of any analytical project.

Seismic Data Editing

Seismic Editing provides a flexible approach to editing and preparing your seismic data for use in subsequent analysis. Its various transform and seismic data manipulation processes are useful on their own, making Seismic Editing an attractive and inexpensive option.

Key Seismic Data Editing Features

  • Amplitude Spectrum analyzes all traces within a specified range and displays the average amplitude spectrum of these traces in a new tabbed window. Use this feature to determine how to filter well logs to match the lower frequency of the seismic data or how to design a Bandpass Filter.
  • Frequency Domain Merge combines two volumes of different frequencies into one new volume.
  • Seismic Attributes produce from your seismic data a number of derived attributes that can subsequently be used as input into other software applications.
  • More than 25 different attribute volumes that can be created.
  • The LMR feature transforms S- and P-impedance volumes directly into Lambda-Rho and Mu-Rho volumes. This simple yet powerful transform allows you to get more physically meaningful information out of inversion results.
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