PowerLogFrac is the industry’s first petrophysical software that quickly generates formatted rock and fluid properties. This is a new tool to petrophysically analyze well log data and directly feed results into fracture simulation software. Completions engineers use the resulting models to design better hydraulic fracturing projects and improve well performance.

Faster, better models for hydraulic fracturing projects

PowerLog Frac

Renowned for its functionality and ease of use, PowerLog is an industry-standard petrophysical interpretation package introduced to the oil and gas community more than 30 years ago. PowerLogFrac consists of a fit-for-purpose version of PowerLog bundled with the new FracRAT module. For existing 3.5 PowerLog clients, FracRAT is available as an add on module.

Faster petrophysical models and multiple scenarios

A clearer understanding of the subsurface and of the factors controlling production for a specific play is an ongoing issue, particularly in fractured reservoirs. In North American shale plays, for example, production can vary across plays and even between wells drilled from the same pad.

Yet, frac design and analysis is currently applied in only a very small percentage of hydraulic fracturing projects, largely due to the length of time required to gather input data for fracture simulation models.

PowerLogFrac allows engineers to leverage petrophysical analysis to model multiple frac scenarios with increased accuracy in hours instead of days by eliminating manual calculations and spreadsheets.

Improved collaboration for better decisions

CGG and Baker Hughes are providing critical subsurface information required for a more strategic approach to shale development. This unique combination of expertise and technology will drive faster, better models for hydraulic fracturing projects.  Oil companies and service providers can now use PowerLogFrac to combine their knowledge and implement frac simulation as part of a standard completion process.  Increased collaboration enables faster decisions, essential for enhanced fracture design and improved well performance.

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The benchmark for petrophysics, rock physics, facies analysis and statistical mineralogy. Collaborative multi-well log analysis made easy for better drilling decisions.

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