HampsonRussell Gather Conditioning

This specialized set of applications within HampsonRussell improves the signal-to-noise ratio and alignment of CDP gather data in preparation for any prestack analysis process such as AVO or simultaneous inversion.

Improve Gather Data for Pre-Stack Analysis

Gather Conditioning removes noise, provides consistent fold, time-aligns reflection events and can be used to correct the background amplitude decay with offset calibrated using synthetic gathers generated from well logs. When input to processes such as AVO analysis, the conditioned gathers will result in more accurate and reliable results than the input of unconditioned gathers.

HampsonRussell Software includes a ready-made workflow containing the most frequently used gather conditioning processes, but the user has complete control over the workflow steps and parameters and can choose to add additional processes, for example, an offset scaling step.

Before and after amplitude correction

Conditioning of Gathers Options

  • Bandpass
  • Mute
  • Super Gather
  • Parabolic Radon Transform
  • Trim Statics
Before and after gather conditioning

Gather Conditioning Benefits

  • Higher quality gathers translate to more accurate AVO results
  • Immediate QC of conditioning results
  • Intuitive interface 
  • Conditioned SEGY output can be used in other software suites

Gather Conditioning Value

The geophysicist has full control and understanding of the conditioning processes applied, and therefore greater confidence in the results of the subsequent reservoir characterization.

  • Improved reservoir property estimates
    • More accurate
    • Higher resolution
  • Improved drilling success
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