Geovation has evolved from over 40 years of expertise in geophysical software and incorporates the latest technology from the recognized leaders in advanced processing and imaging. Geovation is the powerhouse behind CGG market-leading geophysical services.

Benchmark Software for Seismic Data Processing and Imaging

Seismic VesselSeismic Processing and Imaging

Seismic Processing and Imaging Benefits

  • Best-in-class processing and imaging results for all types of projects
  • Single solution for field, workstation and regional hub environments
  • Efficient, reliable and high-quality processing software for the largest and most challenging datasets
  • Global presence provides worldwide support, local expertise and training

Powerful Geophysics Made Accessible

Geovation was developed to meet the rapidly growing demands of seismic processing, including the new generation of massive high-density wide-azimuth datasets and the latest compute-intensive imaging algorithms.

With our extensive experience in developing and using geophysical software, Geovation is rigorously engineered for reliability, quality and usability. It brings together the latest technology across the full spectrum of seismic processing, imaging and reservoir characterization:

  • 2D, 3D, 4D, multicomponent and wide-azimuth
  • Land, marine, seabed and borehole
  • Architecture proven on the largest wide-azimuth datatsets
  • Over 500 batch processing modules
  • Full range of advanced applications for interactive processing and QC

Geovation for Geophysicists

Seismic ImagingGeophysicists

Geovation features an enhanced user environment with all the tools to deploy state-of-the-art technology on complex projects in an efficient and intuitive manner.

Our commitment to Research & Development ensures Geovation benefits from the latest geophysical technology such as true 3D wide-azimuth algorithms and anisotropic depth imaging.

Our global geophysical community, distributed across our network of processing centers, provides invaluable local expertise and support.

Geovation for the Client

CGG is independently recognized as the leader in seismic imaging and advanced processing services, thanks to our experience, expertise and Geovation. Clients can experience Geovation directly through licensed use of the software or through dedicated processing facilities and technology centers, for which CGG is the partner of choice.

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