AVO Fluid Inversion (AFI)

AVO Fluid Inversion (AFI) estimates the uncertainty in the fluid predictions from AVO. AFI uses Biot-Gassmann fluid substitution, Monte Carlo simulation and Bayesian estimation to build fluid probability maps. You then use these maps to make a quantitative analysis of the probability of exploration success.

AVO Fluid Inversion Figure 1

Build Fluid Probability Maps

 AFI starts with the assumption that the target reservoir can be represented by a 3-layer model of a sand layer enclosed by shale. You then describe the parameters in this model by a probability distribution.

AVO Fluid Inversion Figure 2

AFI has tools for calibrating at well locations to properly scale the seismic data. It also provides tools for analyzing the log trends to help determine the probability distribution parameters.

From these distributions, use Monte Carlo simulation to determine the probable AVO response for brine, oil and gas.

These responses are displayed on Intercept:Gradient cross-plots for various depth levels:

AVO Fluid Inversion Figure 3

Then derive AVO attributes from actual data angle gathers or angle stacks along specified horizons.

AVO Fluid Inversion Figure 4

Then use Bayes' Theorem to predict the probability that the AVO attribute results match specific fluids. Create maps that show the probability of each fluid type.

AVO Fluid Inversion Figure 5
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