Anisotropic Inversion

Anisotropic Inversion is Jason-exclusive seismic inversion software that applies new analysis technology for effective well design and maximum production. Anisotropic Inversion is built on proven RockTrace® technology and seamlessly integrates within the GeoSoftware platform. This includes the key components, Jason® Workbench, PowerLog® and EarthModel® FT.

Simultaneous AVA/AVO Inversion and Elastic Volume Evaluation

Vp/Vs from Common Azimuth Inversions

The anisotropic inversion workflow using RockTrace® and Elastic Volume Evaluator derives reservoir anisotropy measures using advanced Jason technology to:

  • Perform AVO inversions of seismic data for each azimuth sector
  • Model the inversions to determine reservoir anisotropy

When azimuth-oriented offset or angle gathers are available, RockTrace is used to produce a set of elastic volumes – one for each azimuth. For typical acquisition scenarios, Vp/Vs is the key output (see figure) although density can also be included.

Results from Anisotropic Inversion

Anisotropic Inversion allows you to take the set of elastic volumes as inputs and model anisotropic information from them. Important in this is the Jason-patented relation between elastic dependence on azimuth and anisotropy. Anisotropy magnitude and orientation will be output.

Azimuthal QC and Visualization Tools

A number of new QC and visualization tools are now available to support azimuthal inversion. These include:

  • Common Offset – Common Azimuth (COCA) plots
  • Rose Diagrams
  • Necklace plots
  • Vector Map plots
  • Azimuthal Fold plots
  • Anisotropic synthetics
  • Vector anisotropy plots
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