Jason Attribute Estimation

Attribute Estimation unifies many Jason Workbench attribute computations in one, centralized interface.

Highlight fracture zones and collapse features

Geometric Attributes for a Barnett shale play

Attributes are conveniently grouped within a single application. These include:

  • Stratigraphic
  • Instantaneous
  • Horizon-based
  • Layer-based
  • Spectral Decomposition
  • Geometric
  • Coherence

The geometric and coherence attributes incorporate Jason dip-steering technology. The geometric attributes shown in the figure are from Barnett shale data. They can be applied to full-stack, partial stack or inversion data to highlight fracture zones and collapse features.

The Coherence attribute are based on Karhunen-Loeve, Energy Ratio technology and can image subtle fault and fracturing events.

Coherence attribute example To learn more about this  innovative tool within the Jason Workbench, go to our Free Software Evaluation Form to test drive Attribute Estimation, or   Email us to learn more.
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