Jason Depth Inversion

Well Ties and Inversions from Depth Seismic – all with the Convenience of Traditional Time QCs

The Jason® Workbench now supports deterministic workflows with depth seismic inputs. This includes tying wells, estimating wavelets and performing post-stack or pre-stack inversions with Jason InverTracePlus® and RockTrace®.

Jason Depth Inversion provides complete reservoir characterization analysis in depth without the need to replicate large depth-migrated data sets in time. Time-to-depth conversion runs in the background as required using Jason’s On-the-Fly (OTF) technology. This is valuable for engineers and quantitative interpretation teams who must plan wells in depth and allows for accurate reserve estimates and quicker project turnaround.

Convert to depth within the Jason Workbench for accurate transfer to reservoir models

With Depth Inversion, there is no need to explicitly convert to time before performing inversions. On-the-Fly (OTF) technology integrates with all Jason applications and honors solid model stratigraphy. For a scientifically robust solution to depth inversion, key operations are done in time using associated velocity models. All input velocity models can easily be calibrated to true vertical depth using the new Jason interactive application, DepthMod. These advanced Jason workflows help overcome the E&P processing challenge of performing seismic inversions in true depth.

The clearest picture of your reservoir

Gain the advantages of both depth inputs and time analyses with Jason OTF technology.

  • Key operations are done in time with Depth-to-Time (DTC) OTF technology
  • Image engineering properties natively in depth, ready for reservoir simulation 
  • Removes the need for after-the-fact Time-Depth conversion 

To learn more about this  innovative product within the Jason Workbench, go to our Free Software Evaluation Form to test drive Depth Inversion, or  Email us to learn more.

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