GeoSI is a geostatistical (single stack and multiple stack) inversion application that generates high-frequency stochastic models for high-resolution reservoir characterization and uncertainty analysis. It addresses the band-limited nature of deterministic inversion methods and integrates well data and seismic data at a fine scale within a stratigraphic geomodel framework.

Geostatistical Stochastic Inversion

GeoSI Figure 1

Inversion Benefits with GeoSI

  • Increased resolution integrating well and seismic data
  • Supports cascaded reservoir property simulation
  • Risk/uncertainty analysis using probability cubes
  • Stratigraphic framework facilitates interpretation and reservoir simulation
  • Extensive CGG reservoir-oriented processing experience
GeoSI Figure 2


  • High-frequency stochastic results
  • Multiple realizations for uncertainty analysis
  • Extensive conditioning and spatial constraint options:
    • Fine-scale conditioning with well data
    • Layer-dependent anisotropic variograms
    • Trace-dependent S/N spatial control
  • Scalable, parallel solution for large datasets

GeoSI is part of the StrataVista seismic reservoir characterization platform.

Lithology Simulation

The multiple high-resolution realizations generated by GeoSI can be used in a lithology simulation workflow, cascaded from the inversion. This workflow maximizes the full potential of the stochastic inversion approach. It reduces the risk associated with interpretation and leads to more accurate assessment of potential reserves.

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