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The new MapPredict application is a fully integrated, easy-to-use, map-based geostatistical software that integrates well, seismic and attribute data into accurate, detailed maps. MapPredict encompasses the functionality of HampsonRussell’s former ISMap application and has evolved even further to include the ability to handle horizontal wells. MapPredict is especially suited to finding relationships between multiple seismic attribute slices and properties derived from well information such as hydrocarbon production.

Map-Based Geostatistics

Combine seismic and log data geostatistically to produce optimum maps of target attributes, complete with reliability estimates. You can analyze your data for both errors and trends, produce optimal maps from sparse datasets, improve the fit between two related sets of the same parameter, simulate any number of possible map results and make quantitative predictions about their probability of occurrence. MapPredict integrates both standard geostatistical features (such as variogram modeling, kriging, cokriging and conditional simulation) and unique Emerge multi-linear regression and Neural Network workflows. With MapPredict you can find the relationships between combinations of seismic attribute slices and map-based well values such as hydrocarbon production.

MapPredict Benefits

  • A complete suite of geostatistical algorithms, including kriging, co-kriging, kriging with external drift (KED), and conditional simulation.
  • Features not found in other geostatistical packages, such as the Emerge multi-linear regression and neural networks algorithms, can be utilized to create optimally weighted sums of maps.
  • A complete set of map operations, such as gridding, contouring and mathematical operations between maps.
  • Especially suited to finding the relationships between combinations of seismic attribute slices and map-based well values such as hydrocarbon production.

MapPredict Features

  • Data loading, display and analysis are fully integrated with the HampsonRussell Geoview suite
  • Fast access to ASCII formatted maps and well log point data
  • Detailed access to seismic volumes and well log databases
  • Variogram modeling, including multiple structures and anisotropy
  • Sparse data mapping using the kriging method
  • Integration of sparse and gridded data together, using the co-kriging and kriging with external drift (KED) methods
  • Probabilistic estimates using conditional simulation
  • Map creation from multiple datasets using the Emerge algorithm
  • Map gridding and contouring
  • Mathematical operations between maps
  • Supports horizontal wells​
MapPredict HampsonRussell

Horizontal well analysis with MapPredict brings a better understanding of the spatial distribution of reservoir properties predicted from seismic attributes.

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