RockMod performs multiple stack (AVO/AVA) geostatistical reservoir characterization to produce multiple highly detailed models through tightly integrating disparate data across all pertinent geoscience domains. The outcome is accurate reservoir models in depth for prediction of field reserves, fluid flow patterns, and future production. Another value it provides is a reliable basis for quantitative measure of uncertainty. RockMod is relevant where dual or triple parameters like P-Impedance, S-Impedance and Density are needed to distinguish the facies of interest.

Match History and Forecast Production Accurately

RockMod Field Oil Production
Excellent match in the prediction of monthly production rate from the simulator (Black line) versus the historic data (Purple dots) with no use of Porosity modifiers in the simulation model.
RockMod Scenario Assessment
Projected ultimate recovery for various production scenarios through 2040.

RockMod inverts directly for engineering properties (Volume of Clay, Porosity and Water Saturation) through joint inversion of facies, engineering and elastic properties incorporating rock physics models and associated uncertainties. The highly detailed, multiple and plausible realizations are constrained by seismic, geology, and honor the well data. The ranked and selected realizations are transferred into corner point grids (CPGs) for static and dynamic modeling. RockMod can also be used to invert time lapse (4D), PP-PS and azimuthal seismic data.

RockMod Benefits

  • Produces accurate reservoir models that are consistent with all data and knowledge available in the field, ready as input for follow-on flow simulation and production assessment
  • Generates highly detailed multiple realizations to better capture uncertainties associated with data, models, and thin beds

RockMod Features

  • Joint inversion of facies, elastic, and engineering/petrophysical properties
  • Invert directly for engineering properties through rock physics models that include uncertainties between properties
  • Invert in depth through the use of velocity model
  • Advanced multi-level facies association and ordering
  • Advanced use of Constant, 1D, 2D and 3D facies proportions
  • Intuitive 1D and 3D facies probabilities trend editor
  • Flexible variogram modeling
  • Backus upscaling of elastic properties for enhanced calibration with seismic
  • Advanced geophysical options (laterally varying wavelet and S/N)
  • Automated quality controls for single and multiple realizations
  • Support for multi-core and multi-machine processing for maximum productivity
  • Quick Property Setup available to speed preparation of run job
  • Advanced ranking tool with flexible cutoff criteria and highly configurable volume extent to select P10, P50 and P90 models
  • Efficient and accurate transfer of results into reservoir and simulation models (CPGs)

Highly Detailed RockMod models honoring oil water contact Highly detailed RockMod models honoring Oil Water Contact: (a) Facies – Green: Shale; Blue: Brine Sand; Yellow: Low Quality Oil Sand; Pink: Mid Quality Oil Sand; Brown: High Quality Oil Sand. (b) Porosity – Gold: 0.28; Blue: 0.01. (c) Volume of Clay – Gold: 0.0; Blue: 0.7. (d) Water Saturation– Gold: 0.0; Black: 1.0.

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