Strata performs both poststack and prestack inversions. In the conventional poststack domain, Strata analyzes poststack seismic volumes to produce an acoustic impedance volume. In the prestack domain, Strata analyzes angle gathers or angle stacks to produce volumes of acoustic impedance, shear impedance and density.

Strata Figure 1

Poststack Inversion and Prestack Inversion

Benefits of inversion with Strata:

  • Facilitates inversion of both prestack and poststack seismic to produce impedance attribute volumes
  • Provides easy QC and inversion parameter optimization at well locations using inversion analysis
  • Enables access to multiple inversion techniques such as model-based, colored and sparse spike inversion algorithms
  • Produces elastic attribute volumes as outputs which are ideally suited to be used as inputs for Emerge attribute prediction, or LithoSI facies classification
Strata Figure 2

Seismic Inversion

Simultaneous inversion of prestack seismic data can be particularly useful for analyzing data with AVO anomalies.

Strata Figure 3

Inversion Analysis

The inversion analysis tool shows the resulting inversion trace at each well location, overlain on top of the original impedance logs. It also shows the synthetic traces that result from the inverted data and compares them to the input seismic volume.

Strata Figure 4

HampsonRussell Seismic Inversion Options

  • Prestack simultaneous inversion
  • Poststack inversion: Model Based, Sparse spike: linear programming and maximum likelihood, Colored: relative and absolute and Bandlimited.

Inversion Results

The typical output volumes from prestack inversion are elastic property volumes such as Vp/Vs ratio, P-Impedance, S-Impedance and Density. These attributes can then be transformed into rock property volumes such as Lambda-Rho, Mu-Rho and Young's Modulus. 
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