30 Year Anniversary for Jason

Jason Celebrates 30 Years of Innovative Technology!

Jason marked its 30 year milestone in March 2016. Founded by a team of Delft University scientists in 1986, Jason began as a commercial extension of research in seismic inversion and quantitative modeling. After rigorous research and development to meet the needs of the ever-evolving oil & gas industry, the software applications within the Jason Workbench have been involved in over a few thousand projects across the globe. We thank our clients for providing valuable feedback, which has made Jason what it is today – the choice for advanced seismic reservoir characterization and an integral part of the CGG GeoSoftware portfolio.

As an established technology in the oil & gas industry, the advanced seismic reservoir characterization workflows within the Jason Workbench yield timely answers to mitigate risk.  Known for its quality control techniques, Jason technology supports critical decisions for geoscientists and engineers to optimize well productivity, field development and reservoir management.

30 Years of Innovative Contribution to the Industry

Over the years, Jason has continued to improve its technology. Every version of the software contains one or more modules that are completely new, as well as extensive enhancements to existing modules. In Jason, you can facilitate 4D inversion and multi-realizations in RockMod. Additional functionality includes new fault and microseismic data formats, 3D crossplots and 2D histograms, and multi-threading in VelMod and FunctionMod. All of this functionality helps users extract maximum value from seismic and well data, reveal truer geology through inversion and get rapid answers for critical decisions.

30 Years of Expertise and Helping Clients Analyze Uncertainty

People play a key role in the development of Jason software. Not only have our clients played an integral part, but our employee commitment to delivering exceptional software makes Jason the premium package it is today. More than a quarter of a century of technological expertise lives in Jason. The next release, Jason 9.5, will have many new, advanced enhancements to reduce risk and uncertainty. Plus, Jason's integration across high-end GeoSoftware workflows and 3rd party industry software platforms enables users to better characterize prospects and understand reservoir properties and how they evolve over the life of the field.

For more information on Jason's full journey, please download our  Jason history factsheet (PDF).

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Advanced technology in seismic inversion and reservoir characterization. Optimize well productivity, field development and reservoir management.
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