2020 Training & Workshops - Far East

CGG GeoSoftware holds public workshops throughout the year at a number of venues around the world. These workshops are designed to provide hands-on experience using the HampsonRussell and Jason applications, while giving a fundamental understanding of the science behind them.

Our 2020 public training and workshop schedule for the Far East region is as follows:

HampsonRussell Workshops

08 - 12 June HampsonRussell Basic Seismic Reservoir Characterization Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
15 - 19 June Hampson Russell Advanced Seismic Reservoir Characterization Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
12 - 16 Nov HampsonRussell Basic Seismic Reservoir Characterization Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
19 -23 Nov HampsonRussell Advanced Seismic Reservoir Characterization Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Jason Training Courses

11 -15 May Geostatistical Inversion Using RockMod and StatMod Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Other Training

To view our full training catalog or to search for a particular training course by brand, discipline or location, please use our Training Course Finder in our dedicated training section on our website.

General Information

For any other information about our training offerings, please contact our Marketing Specialist; alternatively please contact your Business Manager.

  • Standard Training Courses
    Workflow-based training classes covering the entire range of Petrophysics, Rock Physics, AVO, Deterministic Inversion, Geostatistical Inversion and Interpretation.
  • Customized Training Programs
    Dedicated longer term training classes, with more time for hands-on practice using client's actual study data. Test, certification and final presentation of study results to management.
  • Mentoring/Coaching Consultancy
    Using clients’ data and projects within their own operating environment.
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