Multi-Client Portfolio

CGG offers a comprehensive portfolio of multi-disciplinary, multi-client products, including the industry’s most recent and technologically advanced seismic data library in the world’s key locations.

Access our rich and extensive library of multi-client geoscience data to accelerate your new ventures, exploration and development programs. Gain a competitive advantage with our high-quality multi-client seismic data sets which feature bespoke acquisition designs and proprietary advanced imaging technology to provide the best possible seismic images.
For petroleum system insights, our geological multi-client library provides unparalleled global coverage, featuring products and studies which deliver validated and consistent data and interpretations.
To accelerate exploration in key basins, our JumpStart integrated geoscience packages bring together the full suite of CGG's capabilities and rich geoscience data sets to enhance understanding of the plays and opportunities that they contain.

The right data, in the right place, at the right time

View CGG's multi-client data coverage in the GeoStore, explore our state-of-the art seismic data sets and discover digitalized geologic data in GeoVerse.

Multi-Client Data - Seismic

Seismic Data

The most recent and technologically advanced multi-client data library in the world’s key locations
Multi-Client Data - JumpStart

JumpStart Integrated Programs

Accelerate your exploration with CGG's JumpStart packages, integrating advanced seismic data with calibrated wells and geological data, all easily accessible from the same place
Multi-Client Data - Geological

Geological Data

Unique and rich suite of geological multi-client products with a global reach that covers virtually all geoscience disciplines

Multi-Client Data - ROP


Onshore USA we implement advanced workflows especially designed for optimal reservoir characterization and geomechanical models in shale and other unconventional plays.
Multi-Client Data - Potential Fields

Potential Fields

Leverage the world’s most comprehensive, privately-owned multi-client airborne, marine and land potential fields database. Evaluate frontier areas. Map structures. Reduce exploration risk.
Multi-Client Data - GeoSpec


Revitalized legacy datasets covering most of the world’s basins, with added value from integration with interpretation, well, satellite, potential fields and geological data
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