Robertson Basins & Plays

Robertson Basins & Plays (formerly Tellus), Robertson's extensive play fairway and petroleum systems database and application, is designed to provide New Ventures groups and explorationists with a comprehensive and consistent tool for understanding basin and play scale petroleum geology worldwide.

Robertson Basins and Plays regions

Data for each Robertson Basins & Plays region are accessed via a bespoke ArcGIS add-in which allows the user to view, manipulate, query and output maps, graphics and tabular information. To date, over 550 basins worldwide have been incorporated into the vast dataset.


  • Play maps, illustrating proven and selected potential plays, reservoir distribution, relevant seals and source kitchens 
  • Control points 
  • Fields 
  • Licence blocks
  • Reservoir details: facies, isopach, depth
  • Source details: facies TOC, HI, hydrocarbon yield, isopach
  • Seal details: facies, depth, isopach
  • Structure details: depth, structure



  • Exploration supplement
  • Regional geohistory text and chart
  • Palaeogeographies
  • Basin report summarising basin and play parameters 
  • Play reports
  • Source report
  • Chronostratigraphic summary charts 
  • Petroleum system events charts 
  • Play cartoons 
  • Thermal maturity and hydrocarbon generation charts
  • Cross sections
  • Seismic illustrations
  • Trap illustrations
  • Well logs
  • Well correlations
  • Reservoir illustrations
  • Source illustrations


  • Data available for all mapped elements
  • References and data reliability scoring
Play fairways mapping
Play map.

Regional play elements
Regional play elements chart.

Petroleum systems
Petroleum system events chart.

At the NOC level, Robertson Basins & Plays can assist in the delineation of blocks for licensing, applying benchmarks and the evaluation of oil-company bids while rapidly providing an understanding of the petroleum geology in areas outside national boundaries.

As a review and evaluation tool, Robertson Basins & Plays helps to shorten the decision making process and provides a consistent synthesis both of the published literature and Robertson's non-exclusive library together with a clear audit trail and confidence rating for every data element.

Since 1995, the Robertson Basins & Plays tool has evolved based on client feedback and requirements. Can you afford not to have this in your screening toolkit?

The full suite of multi-client products and databases is available through the Robertson GeoVerse Portal


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