Robertson Data & Analytics: Core Description

Robertson Data & Analytics: Core Description (formerly Norwegian Clastic Core Logs) is a web-delivered product that offers quick and easy access to a growing database of 1:200 scale core descriptions from over 750 clastic exploration wells from the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS). Robertson Core Description encompasses the entire NCS and is subdivided into the three geographic regions: Barents Sea, Norwegian Sea and Norwegian North Sea.

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Robertson has been producing clastic core descriptions of released Norwegian wells since the early 1990s. Each 1:200 scale core description provides a sedimentological and environmental interpretation (using the Robertson Analogues scheme) based on the identification of lithology, sedimentary structures, ichnofauna and visible diagenetic phases. Grain size trends are observed and recorded as a modal moving line plotted against depth. Each core description is plotted next to a simple wireline log suite and shifted accordingly.

The latest charts include log-derived lithological indicators and calculated log porosity. A digital dataset is available for new core descriptions to download, and includes log derived porosities, facies tops, lithology data and sedimentologic interpretation of depositional environments.


Robertson has developed an easy-to-use web front-end that allows clients to search the Core Description database for their requirements and to easily download core description charts (PDFs) and digital datasets. Data searches are performed using a series of filters accessed via an interactive map on the products web front-end. These filters include:

  • Well
  • Field
  • Production License (PL) 
  • Block
  • Formation
  • Group 
  • Age
  • Facies – requires login
  • Structural feature – requires login 



Analyze and identify sedimentologic trends from individual wells to larger areas in an effort to understand regional trends. This also includes investigating reservoir quality trends via well or facies coded cross-plots generated from log-derived porosities against depth, and, in the near future, conventional core analysis data. Cross-plots can be generated effortlessly via the ‘Cross-plot’ tab accessed through the Core Description web front-end. 

License Rounds and Farm-In Opportunities

Allows users the ability to rapidly gain a broad understanding of the sub-surface geology of a region and include core descriptions and facies data in license round applications.

The full suite of multi-client products and databases is available through the Robertson GeoVerse Portal

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