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Statistical Analysis Tool

Robertson Data & Analytics: Fields (formerly Global Fields) is a statistical analysis tool that uses specific field data to analyze the success and maturity of basins and plays for direct and analogue comparisons. Robertson Fields provides a customized ArcGIS front-end that allows rapid analysis of exploration success, maturity and reserves down to the play level, through the allocation of reserves to reservoir and reservoir to play.

Robertson Fields enables New Ventures teams to quickly and easily produce over 50 standard analytical plots including Discovery Curves, Reserves by Discovery, Field Size Distributions and Reserves Breakdowns.

Field distribution
Field size distribution.
Field mapping
Field mapping.
Discovery curve
Discovery curve by play.

Dedicated ArcGIS Front-End

Proven active play fairways are mapped and displayed via the dedicated ArcGIS front-end.

Robertson Fields is based on a database of 23000+ fields and 44000+ reservoirs which is rigorously validated and quality controlled by a dedicated geoscience team, ensuring that the global database is updated and enhanced on a regular basis. Robertson also has a companion online product, Robertson Analogues: Fields.

GeoConsulting - (update) Robertson Basins and Plays

Robertson Basins & Plays

Extensive play fairway and petroleum systems database. Robertson Basins and Plays supports faster decisions, giving you the competitive edge in licensing rounds.
GeoConsulting - (update) Robertson Predictions

Robertson Predictions

Reduce risk in under-explored and frontier basins. Get global insight into potential active petroleum systems and prospective basins.
GeoConsulting - (update) Robertson Analogues

Robertson Analogues

An online database of reservoir analogues and knowledgebase of geological information designed to facilitate generation of more realistic reservoir models for development and exploration.
GeoConsulting - Robertson


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