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Robertson Data & Analytics: Geochemistry (formerly Frogi) is Robertson’s extensive geochemical database and tool, designed to provide geochemists and petroleum geologists with a comprehensive understanding of a vast set of geochemical data gathered from rocks, oils, gases and seeps worldwide.

Robertson Geochemistry contains geochemical data for more than 435,000 rocks, oils, gases and seeps from around the world, and over 6.2 million individual geochemical analyses. New data is added twice yearly and functionality of the tool is improved annually.

Rapid parameter based searches on the database can be carried out. The Geochemistry tool allows the user to quickly view, summarize, chart, report and export the geochemical data for individual or multiple wells. The tool also allows source rock intervals to be identified and the data to be summarized and displayed as well as labeled within ArcMap. In addition, a Chromatogram Viewer is available to provide detailed analysis of biomarker distributions by dynamically viewing and examining GC and GC-MS chromatograms.

The database is delivered either through an ArcGIS front-end or as a standalone application without ArcGIS.

Data held within Robertson Geochemistry currently includes the following:

  • Rock-Eval pyrolysis
  • Kerogen composition
  • Maturity data - vitrinite reflectance, spore color
  • Extraction and fractionation
  • Gasoline composition
  • Oils - physical and chemical composition
  • Gas chromatography 
  • Alkane gas chromatography
  • Alkane gas chromatography - mass spectrometry
  • Aromatic gas chromatography - mass spectrometry
  • Carbon, deuterium and sulfur isotope ratios
  • Gas composition
  • Gas isotopes


    The full suite of multi-client products and databases is available through the Robertson GeoVerse Portal

    GeoConsulting - Geochemistry


    Our Geochemistry services range from routine source rock and maturity analyses through to oil, condensate and gas characterisation and migration modelling.

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