Robertson New Ventures Suite

The Robertson New Ventures Suite is an integrated family of exploration-focused geoscience tools and databases that provide a competitive edge in global new ventures screening and frontier exploration. This unique offering reflects new ways to access, interrogate and consume one of the richest databases of subsurface geoscience in the industry.

Robertson New Ventures Suite

As the benefits of digitalization become apparent across the E&P industry, we have taken the opportunity to digitally transform our geological library. The results is an integrated family of geoscience tools and databases that offer clients a competitive edge in global new ventures screening and frontier exploration.

The six core products of the Robertson New Ventures Suite are Basins & Plays, Geochemistry, Plate Kinematics, Predictions, Provenance and Analogues. Built on the trusted brands of Tellus, Frogi, Plate Wizard, Merlin+, ProvBase and ERGO, the updated products have been integrated and renamed as part of our GeoVerse™ digital transformation program that is providing a common architecture and taxonomy. The core products are supported by a library of over 650 Robertson Studies and complementary products including Seep Explorer, a comprehensive gravity and magnetics database, integrated JumpStart™ geoscience packages and our extensive library of seismic and other subsurface data available on the GeoStore™.

Besides the quantity and quality of the data, what makes the Robertson New Ventures Suite particularly powerful is its interoperability and integration that supports a broad range of exploration workflows. This allows Explorationists to easily interrogate one the industry’s richest sources of geoscience data to make quicker and better-informed decisions.

Exploration Workflow: De-risking Frontier Basins

If we take an example of a frontier area of current interest, the offshore portion of the Doukkala Basin in North West Morocco, we can see how the Robertson New Ventures Suite helps to de-risk exploration. The basin is underexplored with limited offshore wells, but onshore wells have found oil and gas in Cretaceous reservoirs charged by a probable Lower Jurassic source rock. So how can we fill the offshore data gap to make a well-informed exploration decision? 

Lower Jurassic Paleogeography

We begin with Robertson Plate Kinematics, which provides a deformable plate reconstruction model to correctly identify the paleo-location for the Doukkala Basin and place control data in their correct paleo-locations.

Robertson Predictions, a global paleogeographic / Earth systems modeling tool, is then used to evaluate whether the Lower Jurassic source rock is present offshore in the absence of well data and even assess its potential quality.

Lower Jurassic Source Rock

Using this data-constrained modeling platform enables the prediction of the deposition and preservation of source rock. The model shows high organic content and a high potential for organic matter preservation due to predicted seafloor conditions.

Quickly linking to the Robertson Geochemistry database provides support for this prediction with data samples from a deep sea drilling program well sitting at the deep offshore margin of the basin recording a total organic carbon (TOC) measurement of 2.8% for the Lower Jurassic. So we now have a high degree of confidence in the presence of our potential source rock.

Prediction rotated to present day

We then move into Robertson Basins & Plays, a play fairway and petroleum systems database, to look at the context for the maturity of the source rock. With its consistent regional stratigraphic framework and depositional history, we are able to explore 1D basin modeling and verify that the Lower Jurassic is mature in the offshore part of the basin. In fact, the source kitchen is likely to extend beyond the nominal basin boundary into the deeper offshore as well.

To develop our understanding of reservoir risk we can develop a source-to-sink understanding of sediment supply, making use of the dynamic paleo-Earth systems data in Predictions and exploring uncertainty in sediment routing using the Robertson Provenance tool. Understanding potential reservoir volumes and geometries in frontier areas often relies on analogue data, and the comprehensive database in Robertson Analogues provides a basis for reservoir de-risking.

The full suite of multi-client products and databases is available through the Robertson GeoVerse™ Portal

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Robertson Basins & Plays

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Robertson Studies: Red Books

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Robertson New Ventures Suite

Robertson New Ventures Suite

Discover more about our integrated family of exploration-focused geoscience tools and databases that provide a competitive edge in global new ventures screening and frontier exploration.