GeoVerse Geological Database

Analytics-ready, digitally transformed geoscience data

When exploring and evaluating new opportunities, easily integrate a unique source of rich geological data into your workflows for faster, better-informed decisions. GeoVerseTM brings the most comprehensive multi-disciplinary geoscience database right to your desktop – organized intuitively, delivered seamlessly, and analytics-ready for any software platform.

The GeoVerse Advantage:

  • Software agnostic, platform independent so you can focus on using data
  • Analytics-ready data for your workflows; no need to understand a new database structure
  • All data in a single pipeline, cloud-delivered or on-premise deployment
  • Live/regular updates and improvements in a continuously expanding dataset

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GeoConsulting - (update) Robertson Basins and Plays

Robertson Basins & Plays

Extensive play fairway and petroleum systems database. Robertson Basins and Plays supports faster decisions, giving you the competitive edge in licensing rounds.
GeoConsulting - (update) Robertson Plate Kinematics

Robertson Plate Kinematics

Detailed mapping of the Earth's crust, incorporating geophysical, seismic and structural datasets that redefine the continent-ocean boundary, to allow accurate positioning of plate boundaries
GeoConsulting - Seep Explorer

Seep Explorer

Use offshore seeps to de-risk your prospects. Our satellite derived offshore seeps database covers over 90% of all offshore sedimentary basins.
Multi-Client Data - JumpStart

JumpStart Integrated Programs

Accelerate your exploration with CGG's JumpStart packages, integrating advanced seismic data with calibrated wells and geological data, all easily accessible from the same place
GeoConsulting - Geological Mapping Studies

Geological Mapping Studies

Geological mapping and interpretation of remote sensing data, from regional projects to detailed interpretation of licence blocks.

GeoConsulting - (update) Robertson Studies: Red Books

Robertson Studies: Red Books

Become an instant expert. Choose from more than 500 global thematic, regional and licensing round reports.
GeoConsulting - Robertson


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