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Robertson Data & Analytics: Provenance is an integrated sediment provenance database, tool and knowledgebase that enables the easy manipulation of complex sediment provenance data.
Provenance bannerRobertson Provenance concentrates on the quantification of the composition and age of detrital grains as well as whole rock samples from a sediment body. Sediment provenance data facilitates the interpretation of the origin, transportation and deposition of sediments, which is essential to understanding the links between basinal sedimentation and hinterland geology. Provenance enables explorationists to understand sediment dispersal patterns, and assists them in improving the constraints on depositional models at the exploration stage. It can also provide a detailed field-to-block scale correlation of reservoirs at the production stage.



The Provenance database is compiled from Robertson’s multi-client datasets and public domain data which act as the cornerstone to the Provenance tool. The data model, in-house calculations performed on the database, and terminology are all outlined in this section. 



The Provenance Tool aims to unlock the potential of sediment provenance data from all over the world, by allowing geoscientists to perform rapid analyses and to evaluate complex and potentially unwieldy datasets.  



The pages within the Knowledgebase act as a guide for interpreting the data presented in the tool. They also provide an in-depth scientific background, which adds context when getting to grips with new datasets and methodologies. Pages are organized into either Whole Rock or Single Grain techniques.


The full suite of multi-client products and databases is available through the Robertson GeoVerse Portal

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