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Robertson Data & Analytics: Well Evaluation (formerly Target) is a unique petroleum play evaluation tool that combines geology and well information to analyze play performance both spatially and statistically. The Robertson Well Evaluation tool has been used for over a decade by the exploration industry to identify missed pay, screen new acreage and identify new opportunities.
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The Robertson Well Evaluation database includes the following for all released exploration and appraisal wells:

  • Well header information (operator, status, result, spud/completion etc.)
  • Target horizon and type (primary, secondary, serendipitous)
  • Drilling result (success, failure, untested hydrocarbons column)
  • Failure analysis (charge, reservoir, seal, trap)
  • Drill stem tests
  • Hydrocarbon fluid recovery
  • Shows
  • Reservoir depths and quality
  • Reserves
  • Operator tops (lithostratigraphic and chronostratigraphic)
  • Cored intervals
  • Robertson’s Applied Stratigraphic Database (North Sea only)

Scouting information exists for all non-released wells and the database is updated quarterly.

The Robertson Well Evaluation tool can generate play specific analyses by basin or region including:

  • Creaming curves
  • Success rates
  • Failure analysis
  • Field size distributions
  • Fluid type
  • Undeveloped discoveries
  • Untested hydrocarbon columns
  • Stratigraphic distributions of successes and reserves

Users can also build and save their own analyses using the query builder.

Robertson Well Evaluation is a GIS application and the results of analyses can be plotted into the Well Evaluation map which includes regularly updated licence blocks, fields and basins. All data and results can be exported digitally and spatially. The application can be delivered as a standalone or within ArcMap.

Robertson Well Evaluation is an annual subscription product and is available for the UK, Norway, Denmark, NW Australia and South Africa.

The full suite of multi-client products and databases is available through the Robertson GeoVerse Portal

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