Gravity & Magentics: South America

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Be it in the jungles, mountains, deserts or seas; let CGG Multi-Physics help you find your Eldorado. With unparalleled coverage of the most prolific basins in South America, and new acquisitions on the way, we have the right data, in the right place, at the right time.

Plan your project development activities from the comfort of your office using CGG’s world class gravity and magnetic multi-client database. Magnetic and gravity data provide a set of tools for general planning, large-scale basin-wide studies and prospect-scale analysis. The integration of gravity and magnetic data into the exploration program provides an opportunity for confirming or questioning existing interpretations. Gravity and magnetic methods can assist in tectonics and structural mapping, depth-to-basement, identification of salt diapirs, identification of volcanics, determination of sediment thickness, delineation of sediment fairways, and the mapping of intra-sedimentary anomalies. Gravity and magnetic data can assist in seismic modeling and in the determination of seismic processing parameters. Gravity and magnetic data can reduce exploration risk and can help your golden city.



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