JumpStart Integrated Programs

JumpStart™ is a program of multi-client geoscience projects designed to accelerate industry understanding of petroleum systems and support exploration efforts.

JumpStart provides a comprehensive resource of easily accessible data for evaluating petroleum systems, integrating the full suite of CGG's geoscience capabilities with our leading acquisition and imaging. The programs integrate all available data in a specific geographical area and frame it within a geological context. This enables clients to directly access, in one place, the reviewed, validated, calibrated and interpreted data set, in a consistent, accessible and ready-to-use format. There are currently seven JumpStart programs nearing completion, with more in the pipeline.

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JumpStart Components

The three major constituents of a JumpStart program are:

  • advanced multi-client seismic data
  • a validated and upgraded ready-to use well dataset
  • a coherent interpretation and evaluation framework for the basin.

JumpStart Workflow

Typical workflows include a regional geological review, integrating all prior information, which forms the basis for an interpretation of the seismic data, basin model-building and play fairway analysis.

A consistent petrophysical, reservoir geological and stratigraphic review of the well data is undertaken to provide a robust chronostratigraphic framework for improved well ties and detailed understanding of the depositional systems. Where data is available new analysis is used to enhance the datasets. Significant improvements in both seismic calibration and geological understanding can be demonstrated.

Stratal sliceThe new information are used to calibrate the velocity model and for quality control throughout the seismic processing.

Within this framework, additional data such as potential fields and satellite mapping of offshore hydrocarbon seeps can be integrated into the imaging and interpretation of the seismic and the petroleum system evaluation. On completion of the seismic processing, a full structural and stratigraphic interpretation of the new data is performed for a number of key horizons, and seismic attributes are extracted to map the potential presence of fluids and facies. Stratal Slicing on depositional horizons and spectral decomposition may be used to provide a clearer understanding of lateral seismic facies and reservoir quality variations

Final Products

There is flexibility in the products that can be licensed for JumpStart. For experts in an area we can provide the compiled data, reviewed and ready for use, saving valuable time and effort.  For new entrants in a basin we can supply the full package of interpreted information, with a comprehensive report including prospectivity analyses and risk assessments, to deliver all the information required to accelerate understanding of the petroleum systems.

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Multi-Client Data - JumpStart Gabon

JumpStart Gabon

The definitive exploration resource for the deepwater Gabon margin. A new regional stratigraphic interpretation with source reservoir and trap risk.
Multi-Client Data - JumpStart Constellation

JumpStart Santos Basin

Save time and effort with all the information you need to assess the blocks in the upcoming pre-salt lease round - all easily accessible and ready for use.
Multi-Client Data - JumpStart NVG

JumpStart Northern Viking Graben

Comprehensive integrated geoscience program of all the available information for the Northern Viking Graben, including advanced seismic, geological, potential fields geochemical and seeps data.
Multi-Client Data - JumpStart Encontrado

JumpStart Mexico

Our Encontrado integrated geoscience program provides all the information you need to jumpstart exploration in the highly prospective Perdido region of the Gulf of Mexico.
Multi-Client Data - BandaSeis


Revealing the Banda Arc. The four phase BandaSeis survey brings new understanding of the geology in this complex region.
Multi-Client Data - Mozambique


A new 3D survey of approximately 15,000 sq km of 3D seismic being acquired in the Zambezi Delta. This survey will be complemented by a JumpStart package
Multi-Client Data


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