Reservoir Optimization Packages (ROP's)

Multi-Client Products for Unconventional Reservoir Development

CGG implements advanced and integrated workflows to address the imaging and reservoir characterization challenges of shale and other unconventional reservoirs, providing the data you need to reduce risk, optimize development and maximize recovery.

Reservoir Optimization Package

Our seismic programs are tailored to the requirements of each reservoir


Land SRME and IME (Interbed Multiple Elimination) are new CGG technologies. They remove complex multiples to improve the AVO response for reservoir characterization

Survey Evaluation and Design

Our programs are designed with the appropriate bandwidths, offsets and azimuths to meet the rigorous requirements of our reservoir imaging and characterization.

Reservoir Imaging

We are recognized leaders in subsurface imaging and provide accurate images of your reservoir with our proprietary algorithms. SWANA attenuates aliased ground-roll energy and CADZOW attenuates random noise. Land SRME and IME multiple attenuation are industry firsts. They remove complex surface and internal multiples. Hybrid 5D trace interpolation helps to mitigate acquisition constraints which compromise azimuthal analysis and imaging. Orthorhombic velocity analysis and pre-stack time or depth migration provide accurate images below complex overburdens and preserve AVO/AVAZ information for fracture analysis.

Reservoir Characterization

With expertise spanning geology and geophysics, we can offer integrated reservoir characterization products which offer more than just simple sweet spot mapping. By adding RoqSCAN™ mineralogical data to the seismic reservoir characterization workflow, we can provide predictive models of the key reservoir properties which control production, allowing you to place wells more accurately and optimize completions.

Completion Optimization

We can provide accurate reservoir descriptions constrained by wellsite mineralogical and textural data from RoqSCAN™ cuttings and core analysis, calibrated to geomechanical models and fracture characterization to design strategic completion programs.

Strategic completion programs can be developed using predictive models of key reservoir properties based on seismic attributes calibrated with formation evaluation and real rock properties data. RoqSCAN provides quantitative geological characterization of the lateral to guide completion design.

Peering into the Permian

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Multi-Client Data - Big Cat

Big Cat

Use science to optimize your reservoirs in Wyoming's Powder River Basin. Big Cat 3D offers advanced seismic with reservoir characterization products to optimize drilling and completion.
Multi-Client Data - Hobo and Gypsy

Hobo Merge

Comprising 4 individual surveys in the Permian Basin, targeting the Spraberry, Dean and Wolfcamp formations. The Hobo and Gypsy surveys will also include the state-of-the-art Reservoir Optimization Package.
Multi-Client Data - Avalon


282 square miles of 400-fold 3D data in the prolific Delaware Basin play in West Texas.

Multi-Client Data


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