Multi-Client Reservoir Characterization Packages

ResPack for Unconventional Reservoir Development

CGG's multi-client seismic surveys are designed and imaged with reservoir characterization in mind. Careful survey design ensures the appropriate bandwidths, offsets and azimuths are acquired to meet the rigorous requirements of our reservoir imaging and characterization. Our experienced Multi-Client Project Managers oversee the whole project, from design and acquisition to the advanced imaging sequence. The latest technologies and AVO QC are employed to deliver accurate images and datasets ready for Quantitative Interpretation. Our ResPack multi-client reservoir characterization packages help maximize the value of our state-of-the-art seismic data sets.

Reservoir Imaging


We are recognized leaders in subsurface imaging and provide accurate reservoir images with our proprietary algorithms, using the latest techniques for aliased ground-roll energy random noise attenuation. Land SRME and IME multiple attenuation are industry firsts. They remove complex surface and internal multiples. Hybrid 5D trace interpolation helps to mitigate acquisition constraints which compromise azimuthal analysis and imaging. Orthorhombic velocity analysis and pre-stack time or depth migration provide accurate images below complex overburdens and preserve AVO/AVAZ information for fracture analysis.

Reservoir Characterization


With expertise spanning geology and geophysics, we can offer integrated reservoir characterization products which offer more than just simple sweet spot mapping. By adding RoqSCAN™ mineralogical data to the seismic reservoir characterization workflow, we can provide predictive models of the key reservoir properties which control production, allowing you to place wells more accurately and optimize completions.

ResPack Fast

ResPack Fast is specifically designed to deliver the answers you need when speed is critical for timely decisions.

The unique ResPack Fast workflow delivers key elastic rock property volumes from your seismic within a short turnaround time, allowing you to make efficient management decisions on your asset. The process utilizes CGG’s Deep Forward Neural Network capabilities to predict subsurface properties based on seismically-derived attributes.

Case Study:

Using CGG Multi-Client mid-continent 3D seismic data, CGG completed a ResPack Fast project for one of our clients. This project used log data from over 90 vertical wells to generate rapid attribute volumes across the asset area. Results were delivered in three months and were used to quickly identify new drilling prospects.

Oklahoma porosity

Porosity derived from pre-stack seismic inversion and Deep Forward Neural Networks highlighting potential targets in the SCOOP & STACK plays of Oklahoma.

ResPack Fast deliverables:

Seismic Attributes

  • P-impedance
  • S-impedance
  • Lambda Rho
  • Mhu Rho
  • Poisson’s ratio
  • Vp/Vs ratio
  • Dynamic Young’s modulus

Reservoir Characterization

  • Gamma ray volume
  • Porosity volume

Fractures and Faults

  • Discontinuity and curvature

ResPack HD

For additional rock properties using your seismic volume and geological data, the ResPack HD extended workflow generates rock-constrained petro-elastic rock physics models. It combines various types of G&G information to generate a suite of equi-probable geostatistical solutions and uses them to derive extended rock property attributes, allowing better lithofacies separation for drilling and completion decisions. Although these may be performed for multi-client volumes, they are more generally applied on a proprietary basis.
A recent ResPack HD project addressed key subsurface evaluation objectives within the Wolfcamp Formation within the Midland Basin. This process included the characterization of rock-constrained petrophysical lithofacies in the target reservoirs and their extrapolation throughout the seismic survey.

Multi-Client Data - Oklahoma


Our Oklahoma surveys with Reservoir Characterization deliver the information you need to exploit one of the best shale reservoirs in the USA.
Multi-Client Data - Permian Basin

Permian Basin

Our multi-client data library in the Permian Basin is expanding, with Reservoir Optitmization Packages and new surveys being added to existing coverage.
Multi-Client Data - Hobo and Gypsy

Hobo Merge

Comprising 4 individual surveys in the Permian Basin, targeting the Spraberry, Dean and Wolfcamp formations. The Hobo and Gypsy surveys will also include the state-of-the-art Reservoir Optimization Package.
Multi-Client Data


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