GeoSpec TerraCube

Regional Datasets with Value-Added Interpretive Products

GeoSpec TerraCube™ regional datasets combine all the available released data in an area into a single easily accessible dataset. The data is enhanced by time, phase and amplitude matching to create consistent, zero-phased seismic, where possible tied to well data and all with navigation data output on a consistent projection. The aim is to provide workstation-ready, low-cost, basin-wide reconnaissance datasets.
TerraCube datasets are available worldwide, including over a million km of enhanced 2D seismc data iand over 250,000 km² of matched and merged 3D seismic data, complemented by over 50,000 wells. Different datasets are available in different areas, depending on the available released data:

TerraCubeREGRID    Regridded and enhanced zero-phased 3D data that has been despiked, time and amplitude matched
TerraCubePSTM  Datasets have been reprocessed from field tapes through pre-stack time migration
TerraCubeCST   Geological information is integrated with the seismic data from available wells and datasets include Consistent Stratigraphic Tops and fluid information, analyzed and tied to the seismic


Regional interpreted horizons tied to TerraCubeCST
TerraCubeVELCUBE Well and seismic velocity cube for the area.
TerraCubeDEPTH     Post-stack depth converted seismic data and TerraCubeINTERP horizons
TerraCubeDECOMP  Spectral decomposition of the data
TerraCubeSTRATAL Stratal slices extracted from the spectral decomposition along an interpreted horizon

Integrated datasets hold the key to unravelli...

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Multi-Client Data - GeoSpec Kenya

GeoSpec East Africa Database

GeoSpec's regional well and Seismic Database with associated value-added products to rapidly assess the geology of East Africa
Multi-Client data - GeoSpec Cameroon

GeoSpec Cameroon

Cameroon enhanced data packages exclusively available from CGG for 2018 Licensing Round
Multi-Client Data - Geospec UK Terracube

GeoSpec UK TerraCube

Revitalised, merged and regridded legacy data with added value products
Multi-Client Data - GeoSpec Caribbean

GeoSpec Caribbean

Well and seismic data from the Caribbean with added -value interpretative products to aid exploration
Multi-Client Data - GeoSpec Ireland

GeoSpec TerraCubeEIRE

Enhanced and reprocessed TerraCube suite 2D & 3D seismic data, well data and integrated value-added geological and geophysical interpretive legacy data with added-value interpretive products.
Multi-Client Data - GeoSpec Mediterranean

GeoSpec Mediterranean Database

Revitalised and reprocessed legacy data from the Mediterranean, with added-value well data and interpretative products.


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