Brazil Pre-Salt

Constellation - Integrated JumpStart Program in the Santos Basin, Brazil

The Constellation JumpStart™ program is designed to support prospectivity evaluation, using CGG's multi-client seismic data,. The program integrates 23,750km² of pre-salt Cluster data, that has been reprocessed through a state-of-the-art sequence with a detailed geoscience program. The key wells have been validated, upgraded and enhanced providing a framework for consistent interpretation throughout the area of interest.

Key Objectives

constellation mapThe aim is to provide an integrated geoscience package to support the Constellation reprocessing and provide clients, both existing players and new entrants, with the required data, information and knowledge to jump start their future exploration programs.  Specific objectives include:

  • Review, rationalize and refine the deepwater Santos Basin stratigraphy
  • Generate a consistent and enhanced well dataset
  • Provide a robust, consistent exploration scale seismic interpretation tied to the wells
  • Review source presence, type and distribution
  • Review reservoir presence, type, distribution and quality and demonstrate use of the seismic dataset for reservoir de-risking

Study database

  • 21 wells, with a key well dataset of 12 wells, 9 of which are within the 3D area
  • More than 23,000km² of reprocessed 3D seismic data
  • Robertson Product Suite including Basins and Plays (Tellus), Plate kinematics and Predictions (Merlin+) and regional reports (Red Books) to provide rich regional context
  • NPA Satellite Mapping Seep Explorer™ database


The JumpStart project is being carried out in two phases, both of which are available now. Phase 1 includes an introductory overview report on the petroleum systems of the Santos Basin, with a focus on the pre-salt.  The work flow includes generation of palaeogeographic maps built using Robertson Plate Kinematics and Robertson Predictions to support interpretation and understanding of basin evolution and petroleum system elements. Gravity data in the area have been re-interpreted, computing the residual Bouguer anomaly, to provide a quantitative interpretation of spatial density changes and crustal thickness variations and better interpretation of regional structures and trends.

constellation gravityPhase 2 focuses on the Constellation seismic reprocessing area, to provide complementary, consistent, geoscience datasets, tied to the wells and seismic, and includes a dry hole analysis and identification of key risk and success factors.

Specific deliverables include:

  • Generation of a consistent “CGG Wells” dataset
  • Well summary charts and well & seismic montages
  • Key horizon interpretations tied to study wells
  • Regional context maps, including structural elements, palaeogeographic framework and basin-scale play summary maps
  • Petroleum systems review focused on the survey area, including key isopach maps, GDE maps and risk maps for key plays

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