Encontrado JumpStart Integrated Package

The Encontrado JumpStart™ is a fully integrated geoscience package, consisting of upgraded well data and geological information, tied to the 38,000km² of merged and reprocessed seismic data from nine existing surveys. It includes a full review, QC and enhancement of all relevant geological information from a suite of key wells within the survey area, revised and consistent formation tops data and a regional interpretation of a series of key stratigraphic horizons and the petroleum system as a whole. The QC'd and enhanced data are provided in industry standard formats, are analytics-ready and, combined with the seismic data, provide the data set required to evaluate prospectivity and opportunities within this emerging frontier.
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Key Objectives

The aim of the JumpStart package is to create a consistent, high-quality geoscience data set to complement the associated seismic data, allowing users to get to decision points more quickly and spend time interpreting data rather than wrangling data. The JumpStart packages deliver QC’d and consistent data sets to address the key petroleum systems questions that control prospectivity, focusing on the source, the reservoir, the charge, the trap and the migration paths. All the available well data has been re-interpreted and upgraded, removing inconsistencies that may be present in the existing well interpretation, to create a consistent chrono- and lithostratigraphic scheme across the whole basin and tying it to the reprocessed seismic.

Study Database

The Power of Integration

new encontrado mapThis new data set was constructed as part of a fully integrated workflow, ensuring that each discipline benefited from data and understanding derived from complementary disciplines. Stratigraphic interpretation has been supported by detailed understanding of the depositional context, tops make use of a full and consistent re-interpretation of all available biostratigraphic data, and are in-turn used to constrain the petrophysics. This consistency feeds through to the 3D horizons that are used to flatten the seismic volume in the geological time domain, to enable lateral seismic facies variations along a constant depositional surface to be mapped. These provide valuable information about potential reservoir and source rock distribution. In the Encontrado program the stratal slices capture densely-distributed, high-sinuosity deepwater channels at unprecedented resolution.

All available data for each geological discipline have been fully QC’d, reviewed and enhanced to provide a unified data set for subsequent interpretation and de-risking of opportunities.


  • Wells Database
    • Conditioned logs & Petrophysics (LAS)
    • Upgraded consistent Core Descriptions
    • Biostratigraphic summary logs per discipline
    • Stratigraphic reports, tops & age-depth graphs
    • Attributed reservoir quality and geochemical data
  • Seismic Database
    • Regional reconnaissance interpretation of 9 key stratigraphic horizons.
      • Seabed, top and base salt and shale from processing workflow.
    • Stratal slices from nested GeoModels over the Perdido and Kama Foldbelt
  • Potential Fields
    • 10 regional gravity / magnetics maps
    • Gravity: Raw, Free air, Bouguer, Residual Bouguer, First Vertical derivative
    • Salt-corrected gravity maps
    • Magnetics: TMI, Differential RTP
  • Petroleum Geology Derivatives
    • Well success and failure montages
    • Petroleum systems elements charts and risk assessments by structural provinces
    • ID basin models
    • 2D Basin Models on regional lines
  • Petroleum Geology Map Sets
    • Contextual maps including palaeogeographic reconstructions
    • Source rock maps (for source rock distribution/quality and maturity)
    • Gross Depositional Environment and Reservoir Quality Maps
    • Play fairway maps
    • Combined Common Risk Segment Maps (CCRS)
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newstratalsliceStratal slices, 3D models and spectral decomposition providing an unprecedented dataset for prospectivity evaluation.
 Multi-Client, Western Hemisphere
Multi-Client Data - Encontrado Mexico


Multi-client reprocessing of over 38,000sq km of wide-azimuth data, mostly in deep water Mexican waters, covering the prospecitive Perdido fold area and the Trion discovery
Multi-Client Data - JumpStart Constellation

JumpStart Santos Basin

Save time and effort with all the information you need to assess the blocks in the upcoming pre-salt lease round - all easily accessible and ready for use.
Multi-Client Data - JumpStart

JumpStart Integrated Programs

Accelerate your exploration with CGG's JumpStart packages, integrating advanced seismic data with calibrated wells and geological data, all easily accessible from the same place
Multi-Client Data


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