Equatorial Margins Brazil JumpStart Package

BannerThe Equatorial Margin Brazil JumpStart™ Package is one of CGG’s latest geological multi-client projects in South America. The JumpStart™ focuses on the petroleum potential along the Atlantic Brazilian margins.

Main Basins 414
Map showing main basins assessed in this project
The project is split into two areas, the first concentrates on the petroleum systems in the Almada, Camamu and Jacuipe Basins in the south, through Sergipe-Alagoas Basin in the centre, to Pernambuco-Paraiba Basin in the north.

The second focuses on the petroleum systems in the NE Brazilian margins which consist of the Ceara to Potiugar Basins offshore, and also includes the Barreirinhas Basin to help understand the potential plays in the northern part of the Ceara Basin.

The aims of the Equatorial Margin Brazil JumpStart™ Study are to identify potential new plays and extensions to existing plays in explored and underexplored regions along the Brazilian margin by using a multidisciplinary approach to the understanding of prospectivity.

The project is a fully integrated geoscience package, consisting of interpretation insights from:

  •  webpage study 414

    Spatial distribution of the datasets used in this project

    The CGG Multi-client 3D seismic volumes in Ceara and Sergipe-Alagoas and from the selected ANP 2D seismic datasets.
  • Petrophysical analysis of 41 key wells for porosity and pressure trends.
  • Seismic inversions for porosity on selected lines through both 3D volumes.
  • Relative pore pressure calculations on selected lines through both 3D volumes and ANP 2D seismic data.
  • Integration with NPA slicks data.
  • Processing and interpretation of public domain potential field data.
  • 200 wells reviewed for well tie - available via Access Database.
  • 8000 sites for GDE mapping – available via Access Database.

To aid in the understanding of depositional systems, a series of gross depositional environment (GDE) maps were compiled using 60,000 control points. The mapping was undertaken by rotating data sites from the Brazilian margin with CGG Multi-client GDE map data from the conjugate African margin into their palaeo-positions using the Robertson Plate Kinematics plate tectonic model.

GDE map 414
Example of GDE map used in the project
The result is a series of GDE maps that is consistent across the Atlantic break-up margin of Gondwana, and that predicts the character of syn-rift and early reservoir and source sequences in under-explored deep to moderate water which have few well penetrations.

The Equatorial Margin Brazil JumpStart™ is a fully integrated geoscience project delivering high quality, data constrained deliverables some of which includes the following ArcGIS digital data:

  • Base map data layers.
  • Sediment thickness layers and grids.
  • Grav/Mag data layers.
  • Kitchen map layers.
  • Maps illustrating extent of new play concepts.
  • Common risk segment maps.
  • GDE maps.
  • GDE control points from Late Tithonian to Mid Miocene.

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