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The 35,000 km² survey was acquired using BroadSeis™ and BroadSource™ technologies. The acquisition parameters for the survey were kept constant over the three years:

  • BroadSeis/BroadSource
  • North-South shooting direction
  • 8,000 m streamers
  • 75 m streamer separation
  • 9 seconds TWT recording 2 ms sample interval


The processing sequence applied to the data was designed using the latest technologies, with continual upgrades to the base sequence with the aim of delivering the best product in terms of source de-signature, receiver de-ghosting, de-multiple and de-noise.

The entire survey was processed at 2 ms to maximize the resolution. Removal of noise and multiples was carried out in various domains and using several different algorithms, including 3D FXY de-convolution, 3D SRME, 3D MWD.

BCU-MapThe imaging was performed using Kirchhoff PSTM and the velocities were generated by a combination of manual picking and time tomographic inversion (TOMOT). The final stacking velocities were generated using CGG’s continuous automatic bi-spectral velocity picking workflow (AOK).

  • The 35,000 km² fully processed PSTM and PSDM including gathers are available


  • Final migrated full stack
  • Final migrated angle stacks, 4 volumes
  • Raw migrated full stack
  • Raw migrated angle stacks, 4 volumes
  • Bin center navigation data
  • Stacking and migration velocity fields
  • Pre-migration gathers
  • Post-migration CMP flattened gathers
  • Field data

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