Geochemistry: Seeps and Slicks

CGG is acquiring, processing and analyzing geochemical data from the sea floor (Seeps) and from satellite (Slicks).


The seep survey was carried out by CGG in June 2016. The area was covered by 272 successful core sites, whose locations can be seen on the map. All the samples were acquired using gravity coring, as the most rapid, generally more efficient, and safest method.

The analysis program consisted of:

  • Content of organic carbon and mineral carbon
  • Light (gaseous) hydrocarbon phase (C1 - C8) analyses
  • Heavy (liquid) hydrocarbon phase (C10 - C35) analyses
  • Carbon isotope analyses of gases
  • Biomarker analyses of liquid hydrocarbons



  • Interpretation report with relevant cross-plots, diagrams, summary maps and tables (pdf)
  • Results plotted as anomaly maps for relevant geochemical parameters on ArcGIS format
  • All numerical analytical and location data in both Excel and Shape files
  • All chromatograms from the liquid hydrocarbon analyses
core points


Over the Northern Viking Graben region CGG’s study comprises of 135 weather compliant satellite SAR scenes, see coverage map below. These create a near 15x temporal coverage (temporal coverage allows for an increase in slick confidence by removing ambiguity in the interpretation and allowing for the episodic nature of seeps) for the region and record over 100 slicks including potential seepage and repeating slick sites.

satellite scans


  • GIS positions of Slicks (Shape files) and confidence limits
  • Temporal repeats layer
  • Summary report
  • Images of slicks for details
  • Description of method, features and glossary
  • Summary report
  • Access to full dataset through NPA portal and web services



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Our Geochemistry services range from routine source rock and maturity analyses through to oil, condensate and gas characterisation and migration modelling.

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A huge integrated geoscience program covering 44,000 km2 of the Northern Viking Graben. BroadSeis-BroadSource ghost-free data with reservoir-oriented QC.
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