Seismic Reservoir Characterization

A set of reservoir-oriented products has been generated from the NVG seismic data. The purpose is to deliver a more advanced set of attributes aimed at improving the efficiency of prospect identification and ranking by incorporating AVO, Acoustic Impedance (Ip) and derived total porosities as early as possible in the exploration workflow.
deterministic acoustic inversionAmplitudes and AVO anomalies


After preconditioning the angle stacks (additional denoise and correction of remaining NMO through time misalignment correction), the Intercept (A), Gradient (B) and their product (AxB) were generated. These were used at the well locations to ensure that the seismic dataset used for further work had an AVO behavior in agreement with generated AVO synthetics.

The product of the Intercept and Gradient is an AVO Class III indicator over the Måløy Slope, where gas, condensate and light oils are encountered within the Lower Cretaceous. Combined with the increased seismic resolution in the shallow, permitted by the use of BroadSource™ during the acquisition, the AVO product can also be used as a de-risking tool for shallow gas pocket identification.

Quantitative Seismic Interpretation

Deterministic acoustic inversion of the seismic data is performed in order to provide exploration teams with petrophysical-oriented attributes which will enable increased understanding of prospects during the screening phase. Absolute acoustic impedance (Ip) is calculated and used for the generation of the total porosity (PHIT) attribute.

The rich low frequencies and wavelet stability enabled by the BroadSeis™ acquisition make possible a reliable inversion, based solely on scaled seismic velocities.

Deterministic Ip inversionIp
VpVs InversionVpVs

The enhanced CGG well database is used to calibrate the Gardner and Raymer-Hunt petrophysical relationships, but not explicitly used during the inversion. It is also used for blind QC tests.

The definitive Ip and PHIT volumes are being generated from the NVG Final PSTM.  

The specific SRC Måløy16 study, focusing on the prospectivity over the Måløy Slope, was completed following the acquisition and processing of the 2014 data. This project is available for review and incorporates results from AVO inversion and sand probability mapping in addition to the results of the acoustic inversion. Such results will be updated as the Final NVG data is released.

Main Deliverables:

  • Conditioned stacks
  • AVO Intercept, Gradient and  AVO product volumes
  • Vp/Vs and sand probability volumes (SRC Måløy16 specific)
  • CPI logs and formation tops
  • Project documentation
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