Seismic Data Highlights

CGG offers the industry’s most recent and technologically advanced multi-client data library in the world’s key locations.

Multi-Client Seismic Data


Multi-client seismic surveys provide a cost-effective means of acquiring high-quality data as costs can be shared and larger surveys acquired for a better overall view of the prospectivity than is generally the case with smaller proprietary surveys. Access to large surveys in both mature and virgin areas allows oil companies to reduce their exploration risk and helps to reduce the time required from license award to drilling wells. Postage-stamp-size surveys often leave holes in the data coverage, are inefficient due to the disproportionate time spent on line turns, and have different acquisition parameters and azimuths, making regional exploration more challenging.

Integrated Projects

We also provide JumpStart™ integrated programs, including the best quality seismic data, geological studies,  upgraded wells and interpretation. JumpStart programs are designed to review, validate, calibrate and interpret all available geophysical, well and geologic data. They maximize the value of the seismic and provide a new level of regional context to give better insight into an area’s prospectivity. Representing the breadth of CGG’s geoscience capabilities, they bring together our Subsurface Imaging excellence with our GeoConsulting geological expertise to deliver a consistent single source all the information required, saving valuable time and effort. This enables new areas for exploration to be identified more quickly, and helps to fine-tune targets in existing areas. Our global teams of geoscientists collaborate with government agencies, regulatory bodies and our clients to ensure we acquire the right data in the right locations.

Our Multi-Client and New Ventures group delivers the most technologically advanced broadband surveys in the key petroleum basins around the world. GeoSpec provides revitalized legacy data over most of the world’s basins and integrates seismic with interpretation, well, satellite, potential fields and geological data to deliver regional studies in frontier areas.

The right data, in the right place, at the right time

Multi-Client Data - AMEK

Africa, Middle East & Kazakhstan

From Africa to Kazakhstan CGG can deliver the seismic data you need. Modern BroadSeis datasets deliver outstanding image quality
Multi-Client Data - Asia Pacific

Asia - Pacific

The latest full-bandwidth BroadSeis with BroadSource surveys deliver high resolution shallow data with low frequencies delivering unprecedented deep imaging
Multi-Client Data - GOM Offshore

Gulf of Mexico

Wide and full-azimuth surveys including StagSeis full-azimuth, ultra-long-offset broadband data. Enhanced illumination and low-frequency penetration deliver staggering subsalt images
Multi-Client Data - North-America-Land

North America Onshore

Advanced seismic data and Reservoir Packages to bring science to your exploration and optimize drilling and completion
Multi-Client Data - NWEurope

NW Europe & Russia

Broadband multi-client data offers a cost-effective solution for high-quality seismic in both mature and frontier areas.
Multi-Client Data - South America

South America

Modern BroadSeis broadband surveys in Brazil’s pre-salt basins and the equatorial margins to deliver the best subsurface images
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