Kwanza Basin 3D BroadSeis

CGG has established a multi-client database in the deepwater Kwanza Basin with the acquisition of two 3D BroadSeis surveys over highly prospective Blocks 21 and 22. In addition CGG has 4380km2 of legacy 3D seismic data over the unlicensed Block 33 in the Lower Congo Basin, close to the giant Dahlia and Girassol fields.

Kwanza Basin seismic

Angola blocks 21 and 22Highlights of the Kwanza Basin 3D BroadSeis

  • Emerging petroleum province
  • Total data coverage 7,215 km2
  • Covers the recent Cameia discovery with billion-barrel potential
  • Utilizes the latest CGG broadband technology, BroadSeis
  • Low frequencies penetrate to the pre-salt
  • High frequencies deliver high resolution shallow images


The deepwater Kwanza Basin is underexplored but is emerging as a prolific pre-salt hydrocarbon basin. The first deepwater well targeting pre-salt reservoirs offshore Angola, Azul-1, was drilled in Block 23 during the second half of 2011 and was declared as a discovery. This was shortly followed by a significant pre-salt discovery, Cameia-1, in Block 21 with billion-barrel potential. The well encountered a 365 m light oil column in highly permeable and fractured sag phase carbonates with the production capability of the well estimated at over 20,000 bopd. Further appraisal drilling has since identified a much larger hydrocarbon column, more than 500 m, in a series of stacked reservoirs.

Atlantic margins XSection

Miocene Channels

Miocene channels

The low frequencies delivered by these BroadSeis datasets have proved valuable in mapping turbidite channels and good-quality sands that are trapped around and beneath the salt-related structures. Using the full range of frequencies (from 2.5 Hz to 125 Hz) we are able to highlight greater details of the turbidite facies distribution. The figure on the left shows an example of 3D frequency decomposition and colour blend from the Block 22 BroadSeis dataset, where we can clearly identify a turbidite channel complex with various phases of sediment fill, meander growth and incisions. Without the ultra-low frequencies, the red channel would not be visible. This kind of information is key to tracking reservoir sands around potential traps provided by salt structures and thus helping to find further oil reserves in West Africa

Block 33 - Lower Congo Basin 3D

The Lower Congo Basin is a prolific deepwater oil province located offshore Angola with significant discoveries and fields, such as the giant Dalia and Girassol. CGG offers a 3D survey, which has recently been reprocessed, within this promising region covering 4,380 km2 over the unlicensed Block 33.


Angola block 33The Angola-00 survey covers close to 90 % of the unlicensed Block 33 in the deep waters of Angola. It lies within a very attractive area, just 10 km south-west of the giant Dalia field with the Calulu Field being located within the survey. Only five wells have been drilled so far within this block, leaving a largely underexplored potential over the survey area,  especially within the pre-salt section. As prospectivity within this basin lies within Tertiary turbidites, the Angola-00 survey was specially designed to target this unit whilst also providing clear imaging through the complex salt structures present in the area.


  • Total data coverage of 4,380 km2
  • Key location within unlicensed acreage directly south-west of the Dalia field development
  • Subsalt imaging and detailed mapping of the Tertiary turbidite system

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