Cote d'Ivoire

Deep Tano Basin 3D BroadSeis

CGG offers a 3D BroadSeis™ survey within the prolific Deep Tano Basin region covering 4,400 km2 over both open and held blocks, complementing the 917km2 legacy 3D data located close to major fields and discoveries in the shallow waters of the Tano Basin.

CDI BroadSeis Complex turbidite deposits imaged with BroadSeis technology 


The Deep Tano Basin, offshore Cote d’Ivoire, lies within a proven prolific hydrocarbon region with major oil and gas discoveries, such as the Jubilee, Autruche and Enyenra fields. The new CDI-14 survey covers 4,400 km2 over CI Blocks 527, 528, 529 and 530 in a largely unexplored area with a limited number of wells drilled in the vicinity.

Potential reservoirs within this basin include stratigraphically trapped Upper Cretaceous turbiditic sands, Cenomanian to Maastrichtian in age. The clear imaging provided by the CDI-14 survey gives a highly valuable insight into this key Upper Cretaceous unit.

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  • Total data coverage of 4,400 km2
  • Survey located close to major fields in shallow and deep waters of the Deep Ivorian Basin
  • High-resolution imaging of the prospective Cretaceous section
CDI Cross-section


The two main exploration phases that took place in Cote d’Ivoire (from shallow to deep water) have highlighted the existence of two major working petroleum systems:

  • A Lower Cretaceous syn-Atlantic rift system which has been mainly explored and developed near shore so far. This petroleum system includes a late Aptian to middle Albian continental source rock and reservoir sands of the same age up to Senonian with mainly structural trap styles (i.e. fault blocks and compactional drapes)
  • A Late Cretaceous petroleum system found in the deep water acreage, fed by a prolific Cenomanian-Turonian marine type II source rock with predominantly Campanian to Maastrichtian turbiditic reservoir sands and a significant component of the trapping mechanism being stratigraphic in nature (i.e. pinch-out traps and local facies variations).

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