Caspian Sea

The unmatched CGGVeritas Caspian Data Library exceeds 14,100 km of 2D lines and is located to enable explorers and producers to optimize the potential of this significant region. This is a prolific hydrocarbon province with producing fields and infrastructure, with reservoir in many different formations. Our extensive 2D datasets in Kazakhstan are marketed through our joint venture, Veritas-Caspian.

We are pleased to announce a new opportunity for early industry participation in this prolific sector which will make up to 21,500 kms of reprocessed 2D data available as a complement to our existing data library in the region.

Data Available

  • 3,800 km 2D in the Kazakh sector of the North Caspian Sea
  • 5,043 km 2D in the Russian sector of the Central Caspian Sea (joint project with SMNG)
  • 5,320 km 2D in the Kazakh sector of the Central Caspian Sea.


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Central Caspian Highlights

  • Significant discoveries in both the Russian and Kazakh (onshore) sectors
  • Prolific Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous reservoirs
  • Structural traps in post-rift sequences and adjacent regional highs
  • Source rocks in L-M Triassic and possibly L-M Jurassic
Central Caspian

Seismic line across the Central Caspian Basin illustrating key petroleum play elements

North Caspian Basin Highlights

  • Prolific hydrocarbon province with producing fields and infrastructure
  • Devono-Carboniferous carbonate reservoirs sealed by diapiric salt
  • Fluvio-deltaic post-salt reservoirs sealed by intra-formational and overlying shale sequences
  • Structures similar to those observed in producing fields have been identified on 2D lines over the open blocks
  • Potential undrilled play within thrust-related structures is present in the offshore open blocks within the North Ustyurt Basin

North Caspian828 Seismic line across the North Caspian Basin illustrating similar geological features that has been drilled elsewhere, with super-giant discoveries. These features are in open blocks

Our high-quality seismic data provides insight into these traps as well as potential undrilled leads in the PreCaspian and North Ustyurt Basins.

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