Gabon South Basin 2D and 3D Surveys

Top MioceneCGG acted as advisor to the DGH on the promotion of the 11th Gabon Deep Water Licensing Round covering some of the country's key deep water acreage, and is helping to promote the current 12th Licensing Round. In response to the exploration challenges CGG worked directly with the Ministry to acquire over 25,000 km² of new 3D BroadSeis™ multi-client seismic data, which is available now, to enable evaluation of the prospective South Basin area. This forms the keystone of a major integrated geological and geophysical study of the region.

To complement this 3D data, where two successful wells have recently been drilled, CGG has just acquired 9,795 km of long-offset 2D data, covering some of the blocks available in the 12th Licensing Round. This is being processed through an advanced broadband workflow to help define the full extent of existing and new plays, and to understand the thickness variations in the sediment overburden for source rock and maturity analysis. A subset of the 2D data over the offered license blocks will be available before the close of the 12th Round.

GabonMap April19

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The objective of the 3D survey was to improve the imaging of potential prospective structures at base salt level without compromising the shallower post-salt image quality. This survey covers areas downdip and adjacent to recent pre-Aptian salt discoveries such as Ruche and Tortue, discovered in 2012 in the Dussafu Block, and Diaman, discovered in 2013 in the Diaba Block, as well as the Ivela and Boudji discooveries drilled this year using the 3D data.

In addition to high-quality seismic data, a comprehensive, fully integrated geoscience package is available, including:

  • Regional geological analysis to take in source, reservoir and seal rock distribution
  • Potential fields data
  • Satellite imagery
  • Detailed analysis of key wells
  • Seismic interpretation

The integration of geological knowledge, well and gravity data with the seismic data, combined with advanced imaging including extensive QC using AVO tools, ensures delivery of a high-quality, reservoir QC’d, broad-bandwidth data volume. The goal is to reduce the time spent by exploration companies in the conditioning and integration of data and allow more time to be spent on the identification of new prospects and play models.

Geological Xsection

Gabon-FWIThe 3D seismic data was acquired with long offsets and BroadSeis technology to acquire the full bandwidth. Advanced velocity modeling included multi-layer tomography and Full Waveform Inversion, applied over the entire 25,000km² survey. The FWI delivered enhanced velocity models highlighting Miocene channels as seen in the depthslice (right). The migrated section below shows the depth of pre-salt sediments and faulting that have been imaged. To improve the pre-salt imaging a second azimuth, including ultra-long offsets to 15 km was acquired over part of the survey.

The final pre-stack depth migrated dataset is available now, along with the regional geological report, the integrated products and a full basin model and prospectivity report.

GabonFinPSDMBroadSeis Final Kirchhoff PSDM data from our deep water Gabon South Basin multi-client survey, showing clear faulting both pre- and post-salt.

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