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Durban & Zululand Basins 2D BroadSeis

CGG has acquired a 2D BroadSeis™ seismic survey in the Durban and Zululand basins. The survey size is approximately 7,000 km in length and covers both held and open blocks.

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CGG has acquired a multi-client 2D seismic survey to investigate the offshore oil and gas potential of the Durban and Zululand basins, off the east coast of South Africa. These basins remain largely unexplored; the slope and deepwater regions have not yet been tested. They offer potential analogues to the Rovuma and Mafia Basins located offshore Mozambique and Tanzania to the north and the conjugate North and East Falkland Island Basins.  All data is available now.


  • Total data coverage 7,000 km 2D
  • 500 – 2,500 m water depth
  • Frontier basin
  • Covers both held and open acreage
  • All processing is complete

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Geological setting

The Durban and Zululand basins cover an area in excess of 100,000 km²; they were developed during the initial breakup of Gondwana, and are comprised of north-south trending horst and graben structures. The basins are largely unexplored. The four existing wells were not optimally positioned and are located on the shelf within the sediment bypass zone. Despite this, traces of oil and bitumen staining were witnessed in one of these wells.

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The presence of oil-prone lower Cretaceous rocks deposited during the worldwide Aptian anoxic event at the onset of thermal subsidence has been proven basinward. Sand-rich, upper slope channel facies and basin floor fans associated with the Tugela Delta (Lower Cretaceous-Late Tertiary) have excellent reservoir potential. This sand can be linked to both structural and stratigraphic trapping mechanisms giving numerous prospective exploration targets.

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Regional Contact
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