More than 15,500 km of multi-client 2D BroadSeis™ data has been acquired in the Banda Arc, an area of complex geology at the collision zone between continental Australia and the Indonesian archipelago. The survey shows significant improvements in imaging quality and provides new constraints on geological modeling of this complex area.
Phases I, II and III were reprocessed in 2018, offering an enhanced assessment of prospectivity.

BandaSeis location map


The BandaSeis surveys are designed to provide new broadband seismic data to help explorationists understand the geological development and prospectivity of the Banda Arc, located in the (ongoing) collision zone between the Australian continental plate and the Indonesian island arc system. In particular, information will be provided on Mesozoic sedimentary successions, including the deltaic and marginal marine Lower to Middle Jurassic Plover Formation (and correlative successions) which contains excellent reservoir quality sandstones in the nearby Laminaria and Corallina Fields (Bonaparte Basin, Australia), together with the Abadi and Bintuni Bay gasfields of East Indonesia.

Acquisition and Integration

Acquired in five phases, BandaSeis uses the CGG BroadSeis solution, combining the broadest bandwidth (6 octaves) with CGG’s leading imaging technology, to provide the clearest images in the industry. This unique solution simplifies interpretation and enhances quantitative inversion to deliver higher resolution models of the subsurface and improved reservoir characterization.
The survey is complemented by a tectonic and structural interpretation, completed by GeoConsulting, and a project with NPA, integrating new, multi-pass satellite seep data with the BandaSeis survey.
The high-quality BandaSeis 2D BroadSeis data is fully processed and ready for delivery.

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